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We are a family run organisation dedicated to making night time positioning equipment as accessible and flexible for people as possible.


Providers of award-winning, accredited training

Our accredited training is delivered internationally and is a fantastic way to ensure you get the most from implementing therapeutic positioning. We offer a number of accredited courses, free introductory sessions and an accredited online course also! Take a look at our training diary for 2017 and get in touch with the team to book your session.

Accredited Online Training

Training Offers for 2017

Train the Trainer Course Information

Train the Trainer Application Form

If you are interested in a free, bite sized, introductory course with us then please do not hesitate to contact tess@simplestuffworks.co.uk who will be able to help you!

Qualification Guidance

Qualification Guide – Postural Care

Qualification Guide – Measurement of Body Symmetry

Qualification Guide – Postural Care in the Lying Position

Qualification Guide – Postural Care in the Seated Position

Qualification Guide – Train the Trainer Course

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